The strength of our communities impacts every area of our life from our health and wellbeing to our local economy and environment. Whether our communities are based on geography or formed by a collective cause, they provide us with a sense of connection and a place to thrive.

However, a strong community not only allows people to thrive, but it also looks out for those who are experiencing hardship and responds with compassion and generosity.

Strong communities bring local knowledge, resources, passion and perspective together in order to support those doing it tough and help change the story for those who need a helping hand.

Our core mission is to build strong communities that empower people to live to their full potential, but we know that its impossible to do this alone. Strong communities are the result of collaborative and creative partnerships focused on empowering people.

Strong communities are the result of collaborative and creative partnerships focused on empowering people

Recently our entire community has been impacted by the rippling effects of COVID-19 and as a result many families and households have hit upon hard times. However, where there is great need, there is also a great opportunity to make a difference.

With this spirit in mind, we recently received a donation of frozen meat products from Arcadian Meat Co worth more than $8,000.


Thanks to the generosity of Arcadian Meant Co. we have been able to bring food from the paddock to the plates of many households doing it tough.

Bringing support from the paddock to the plate of those doing it tough

Not only have we been able to distribute this food through our Emergency Relief support program, but we have also been able to support the work of the Heights Neighbourhood Centre along with the Toowoomba Flexi School where the donation has been put to good use.


We're grateful for the generosity of the Arcadian Meat Co. team and thankful that they have partnered with Lifeline Darling Downs to help change the story for many people doing it tough during this time.

If you're looking for a way to partner with an established and trustworthy community organisation contact us today.

People seeking support are encouraged to call our office using the new toll free number for emergency relief, counselling and general enquiries.

People can also access our crisis support line on 13 11 14, text the crisis support line on 0477 131 114 (6pm-midnight AEDT) or reach out through webchat with Lifeline (7pm-midnight AEDT).