With origins from Sweden, Finland and Algeria, Annette (Netta) Brömdal is an Associate Professor at the University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ) and leads the Sexuality and Gender Research Program housed in the UniSQ Centre for Health Research.

Prior to their academic position at UniSQ, Netta worked at the United Nations Development Fund for Women (now UN WOMEN) and coordinated projects and initiatives preventing trafficking in women in Thailand by addressing normative dimensions of demand. Netta’s health and rights promotion research focuses on bodies, gender, and sexuality through co-designing and working in partnerships with LGBTQIA+ Sistergirl and Brotherboy community stakeholders. As an inter/nationally recognised expert, Brömdal’s research contributes to an important evidence-base utilised by multi-stakeholders to alleviate injustices for diverse LGBTQIA+ communities across societal settings. 

Netta is leading a number of funded/non-funded, local/national/international research projects in partnership with LGBTQIA+ Brotherboy communities and government stakeholders, including with scholars at world-renowned institutions. Fort the last 20 years their research has specifically centred around promoting the health and rights of diverse LGBTQIA+ Sistergirl and Brotherboy community-members in healthcare, educational, ageing and carceral settings through innovative methodological approaches, and in 2022 they led the research project Safe Connections Toowoomba: Connecting and Supporting LGBTQIA+ Communities.