Are you still looking for that perfect summer read?

The Chronicle Lifeline Bookfest is a bonanza for literary lovers with a smorgasbord of books on offer. Whether you are looking for the classics, children's books, gardening or travel books, or just enjoy browsing through a massive array of books, magazines, puzzles and music.

The Chronicle Lifeline Bookfest brings bookworms and enthusiasts from all over south west Queensland in search of a bargain. But don’t be fooled, there is much more to Bookfest than low-cost books.

Each year, The Chronicle Lifeline Bookfest helps Lifeline Darling Downs make a genuine difference in the community. By supporting Bookfest, customers not only get a bargain, but they also contribute a great deal to our regional community and here we explore three ways that they can benefit you, both financially and personally.

Supporting the community

Lifeline Darling Downs has provided services to the south west Queensland community for more than 46 years. Whether it is mental health support, counselling, suicide prevention, emergency relief or natural disaster response, Lifeline Darling Downs has provided supports to thousands of people across south west Queensland each year.

All of the profits generated by Bookfest are used to fund the free services Lifeline Darling Downs offers to the local community so they can support people in need.

Environmentally friendly

Buying books and other items from The Chronicle Lifeline Bookfest helps reduce your carbon footprint and prevent items from ending up in a landfill. The positive environmental impact is not just limited to those who purchase items. Those who donate items for use in Bookfest also benefit.The production of new items often results in chemical pollution and the usage of large amounts of water. Shopping at Bookfest may also contribute to reductions in pollution and to water preservation.

Finding hidden treasures

Charity stores and op shops are Eldorados for modern-day treasure hunters. Many people come to The Chronicle Lifeline Bookfest for the thrill of scouring the row of books to see what hidden gems they can unearth.

The want-to-be Indiana Joneses of the book world find their prizes at drastically reduced prices – and delight in finding pieces they would have never seen in mainstream shops.

The anticipation of knowing there is something new waiting to be found often makes the search just as much fun as the purchase.

Whether you’re coming for the thrill of the hunt, the incredible bargains or because you care for the environment, there’s something for everyone at The Chronicle Lifeline Bookfest.

No matter what your reason, you can be assured that every purchase will help Lifeline Darling Downs help others doing it tough.

We can’t wait to see you at the next Chronicle Lifeline Bookfest.