What would you do if you couldn't keep warm?

What would you do if you couldn't keep your family warm? How would you stay safe if you didn't have a home to shelter in? Where would you turn if you couldn't put food on the table? When faced with unexpected circumstances and uncertain times, many people across the south west turn to Lifeline Darling Downs and South West Qld Ltd.

The need has never been greater.

Hundreds of Toowoomba and south west Queensland households are feeling the strain as energy, transportation, and housing prices climb. During the harsh winter months, some families may be unable to have a roof over their heads, and many more will be unable to remain warm. Unfortunately, families are sometimes forced to choose between eating and keeping their houses warm.

Those families and individuals facing financial difficulties and circumstances beyond their control are more likely to develop health issues and become homeless if they do not obtain support. But together we can make a difference.

We need your help.

Lifeline Darling Downs, is asking the public and businesses to partner with us and dig deep to help raise at least $25,000 to support residents of south west Queensland needing assistance during the winter months.

Your donation will make a world of difference to a person or a family in need. It will provide LDDSWQL with funds for emergency housing, clothing and blankets, food packages, free counselling and other forms of support, including Winter Shelter Toowoomba.

Donate now or create your own fundraiser to involve your friends, family and colleagues. Every donation is tax-deductible and will help us provide support when needed most.

10 tips to save money, stay healthy and keep warm.

Winter in the Darling Downs and South West Queensland can be tough, with temperatures that drop below zero and windy weather that can chill you to the bone. Keeping warm during the cold dark months of winter is vital for our health and wellbeing. However, it's not always easy and winter is the time when we spend more time indoors and turn up our heating, increasing our energy bills and impacting our environment.

We all need to keep warm and we all want to save on our energy bills, but for those who are struggling to simply buy food and pay the rent, it is important to keep warm without breaking the budget or taking unnecessary health and safety risks. We've compiled our top ten tips to keep warm, save energy and minimise your risk during winter.

You can read the blog online or download a printable version of these tips here LLDD_Energy_Saving_Tips_Poster_PR.pdf