We provide a wide variety of services and supports which are tailored to your needs. 

  •  Short term accommodation (STA)

We can provide support and accommodation for a short time away from your usual home. You might have a short stay with other people, or by yourself. Short term accommodation may be funded when your usual carers aren’t available or as an opportunity for you to try a new thing.

  •  Supported independent living (SIL)

Supported independent living is a type of support that is provided to help you live in your home. It helps you live as independently as possible, while building your skills and could include help or supervision with daily tasks (such as personal care, cooking meals, cleaning).

  •  Community participation

This funding relates to supports you need to meet goals relating to participating in community, social or recreational activities. These activities may be provided in a centre or in a community setting and could include joining a social group, taking a holiday, visiting the library, going to a movie or a concert, or attending community events.

  •  Capacity building

Capacity building funds are provided so you can access a range of activities and supports to achieve your goals. Capacity building funds can be used for a wide variety of activities including finding a job, travelling on public transport, handling money, participating in sport, or attending work.

  •  In home support
  • One on one support
  • Living skills

For further information call us on 1300 995 151 or 1800 975 252 (free call).