Many of us recognise that our lives are becoming more hectic than ever before and current circumstances have presented us with a range of new challenges. We all know that one of the constants of life is change, which affects us as individuals, family members, friends, employees, and in our community and social life. 

One in eight Australians is currently experiencing high or very high psychological distress.*

Everyone reacts differently to different circumstances and challenges. A situation that may bring about a positive stress response for one person, may have a negative impact for someone else.  For example, flying on a plane can be a pleasurable activity for one person, but terrifying for someone else. 

Too much stress over an extended period of time can be harmful to physical and mental wellbeing and have a negative impact on your ability to function and live productively.

The first step in managing stress is to acknowledge that it exists.

Once we acknowledge stress exists, we can to create workplaces and environments that empower people to stay healthy, openly discuss how they're coping and seek help.

Stress Down Day promotes happiness, encourages help-seeking and raises awareness of suicide prevention while raising funds for Lifeline Darling Downs and South West Queensland Ltd.

Held on July 24, Stress Down Day will provide a great opportunity for workplaces to highlight the importance of creating an environment that prioritises the wellbeing of employees.

Businesses are being encouraged to support Stress Down Day in three easy steps.

Put time aside for you and your team to stress down on July 24 and encourage the team to relax with each other.

  • You can help reduce Workplace Stress in 2020 by participating in Stress Down Day
  • You can help create a positive stress management environment by implementing simple activities that can reduce stress. 

Engage your team in some fun activities such as:

  • Dress down – perhaps wear their pyjamas/slippers to work 
  • Engage in a fun activity – such as an office morning tea or a physical challenge 
  • Share – their pictures on social media 
  • Donate – support Stress Down Day where all funds raised will go towards Lifeline's free and confidential counselling service 

Register and create a fundraising page your workplace and encourage your network to donate.

  • Partnering with Lifeline Darling Downs will support free counselling services offered to residents of Toowoomba and the Darling Downs.
  • Create your own fundraising page for Stress Down Day by clicking here.
  • If you are looking to make a general donation towards the appeal click here.

We hope that this appeal will provide workplaces with some ideas to reduce stress and help provide extra support for those in our community who need a hand. 

Be sure to connect with us and show us how you’re stressing down on July 24 and keep an eye out for some handy hints and printable resources that may help you and your team to manage anxiety and stress.

As always, if you or someone you know is experiencing crisis please call 13 11 14 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or text 0477 13 11 14 between 6.00pm and midnight 7 days a week.

For all other enquiries you can contact Lifeline Darling Downs on 1300 991 443.