During this time of social distancing and enforced isolation it can be hard to achieve a sense of normality. For those doing it tough, these added stressors (along with the arrival of the cooler weather) can really start to take a toll.

Lifeline Darling Downs has launched the Share the Warmth Appeal to provide the community with an opportunity to support those in need during the cold winter months and especially those who have been significantly affected by the current health crisis and restrictions.

The Share the Warmth Appeal is open to everyone and many people have already given generously to those that need help. However, the Share the Warmth Appeal is also a great opportunity for businesses and corporate groups to make a difference.

To make it easy for companies and organisations to get involved, we’ve also launched Share the Warmth Week which challenges workplaces and teams to come together to help change the winter story for many people in South West Queensland.

There are three main reasons why you, your company / organisation and team should get involved in the Share the Warmth Week challenge.

1. Team building - connecting virtually with your group is a fantastic way to catch up and socialise from the safe environment of your own home.

Share the Warmth Week encourages participation while allowing your team to maintain physical distancing protocols.

2. Creative team fun - Share the Warmth Week challenges groups to get creative and demonstrate how you’re keeping warm, either as a group or individually.

Your team can post photos of their crew in any creative and fun way they want, once you tag Lifeline Darling Downs on social media we will share your whacky and wonderful ideas (such as dressing themselves and their pets up in their best winter outfits, making their favourite winter drink, and sharing tips on staying warm) with others.

Time will tell which company or organisation has the most creative ideas and who will prove the most effective at sharing the warmth.

3. Making a difference – Many people say that giving is better than receiving and research suggests an individual gains a significant benefit when giving to or participating in charitable causes.

Every donation your team makes or inspires from your network will help keep people warm, feed hungry families and connect those in need with professional counselling and other crisis support.

When you and your team get involved in promoting the Share the Warmth Appeal you’ll not only be making a huge difference to the lives of those doing it tough across our region, you’ll also be enhancing your own health and well-being.

If you are a part of a business, organisation or community group who is able to connect virtually, we encourage you to take part!

It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s free.

You can reach out to us for more information by contacting one of our team members: Matthew Gregg: [email protected] Kirsten McGovern: [email protected]

You can also learn more about the Share the Warmth Appeal by navigating to the appeals page where you can donate or set up your own fundraising in support of the appeal.