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Our community is in crisis. Droughts, flooding, mass unemployment, housing storages and the rising cost of living has meant that more people than ever before are turning to Lifeline. 

Over this past year, we have supported over 15,000 individuals. 

Your generous donation will ensure that the most vulnerable people in our community can access lifesaving support when they need it.

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After almost two decades of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her partner, Susie fled to Toowoomba in search of a new life.

“She was a vulnerable person who was isolated for years, on a property where she had no access to essential services, hardly any access to a GP, and was very controlled and brutally mistreated,” explained Lifeline team member, Nate.

“You can see the effects of the trauma that she's endured from all those years… She just calmly spoke about the harm that was done to her like she was just spilling some milk on the floor and having to clean it up.”

Susie arrived in Toowoomba with nothing to her name. No money, no car, no friends, no family and nowhere safe to spend the night.

And while we will never turn away anyone who needs our help, it has never been more difficult to give Susie the help she needs

A few years ago, we may have been able to find her an affordable place to live in Toowoomba while she recovered from her trauma. At the very least, we could have linked her to housing options so she always had a roof over her head.

But now, there are no places available to rent in the area and for people at risk of homelessness, there are very few options.

“Toowoomba is now one of the most expensive cities in Queensland to rent a property,” said Nate.

“You can go to an inspection and there's 40 to 50 other people looking through that property. And if you don't have a great income and a great rental history, they don't even look at you.” 

The strain on our services and the lack of homes to rent means our team often have to resort to sub-standard accommodation options. And very sadly sometimes we have no choice by to give swags to people who are homeless. 

We can't control rental prices, nor how much housing is available. But with your support, Lifeline can find better solutions to help people like Susie recover from her trauma. 

We were able to find emergency accommodation for Susie at a women's shelter but as Christmas-time approaches, we are still hoping to link Susie with a GP to get a mental health plan and a medical checkup. She still doesn't have a place to call home. 

We urgently need your help so that Lifeline can continue to support Susie and people like her to find long-term housing and set her on the path to a better future.