Family and Child Connect

Family and Child Connect is a community-based service designed specifically to listen to you and help you to connect with the right supports at the right time.

The service is provided jointly by Mercy Community Services & LDDSWQL in Toowoomba, Roma and Charleville.

Whether you are a parent, a young person, a concerned friend, neighbour or professional, if you are looking for information and advice on how you can best help yourself or someone else, you can call or drop into Family & Child Connect and speak to a real person about how to get the right assistance.

Family and Child Connects’ friendly and professional staff know all about the people and services in your area and they can help with any challenge a family might be facing.

They can provide you with information about these supports and in some cases can even introduce you to them.

If you are worried about a family other than your own they can help you with ideas of how you might be able to reach out and provide some personal support to them.

Anyone can contact Family and Child Connect for general advice and information, including parents, other family members, young people and other community members.

This program is funded by the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disabilities Services.

For further information please phone 13Family (13 326 459).