Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

We are a responsive and accessible community-based organisation engaging with individuals, families and communities to develop their skills and resilience to facilitate positive change. This is expanded more in our Social Justice Charter

Our Values

Openness, Honesty

Our Operating Principles

We work with people in ways that are open, clear and honest, providing comprehensive information about the roles and responsibilities of the organisation.

We work together with others towards shared goals, achieved through consultation and collaboration with individuals, families and communities.

Our staff and volunteers take the time to listen, care and support. We acknowledge the uniqueness and diversity of people within the community and work to respond appropriately, thoughtfully and flexibly to needs.

Staff and Volunteers are considered to be our most valuable resource. We ensure that training, development and support is maintained throughout each person’s service.

Our Motto

Strengthening Communities and Empowering People


We affirm that Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander people are the Indigenous people of Australia. We acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land, the Giabal, Jarowair, Bigambul, Kooma, Murawari, Kinja, Budjari, Margany, Dharawara, Gungarri and Mandandanji groups and/or relevant sub-groups. We pay our respects to our Elders – past, present and future – for they hold the memories, the traditions, the culture and hopes of Indigenous Australia. Our Reconciliation Action Plan expands on our acknowledgement.

Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to responsible environmental management practices. This includes: a commitment to minimising waste, purchasing recycled products, and practising energy efficiency throughout all our premises, plant and equipment wherever possible. Our Environmental Management System (EMS) is being developed; please see our Framework for Sustainability.

Our 2020 Vision

We see a future of people living more engaged and fulfilling lives throughout our region by:

  • Strengthening community participation and resilience
  • More individuals, families and communities achieving an increased sense of wellbeing
  • Increasing our engagement with at-risk groups
  • Helping to reduce rates of suicide in our region
  • Maintaining a state of readiness to respond to natural disasters via our Community Recovery capabilities
  • Ensuring our practices and systems are responsive to community needs and expectations

“People will always be our focus”

Lifeline Darling Downs and South West Qld Ltd – ABN: 97 075 403 959