Our History

20 Jul 1975

Lifeline Toowoomba opened at Matilda House, 88 Russell Street, Toowoomba (receiving 600 to 700 calls per annum). Rev Geoff Waugh serves as the Interim Director.

Jan 1976

Rev Robert Holt takes over as the Director of Lifeline Toowoomba.

Apr 1977

Sister Bernadette Curtin L.C.M. is appointed Director.

Jan 1979

The Family Support Service (known originally as The Homemaker Service) is first funded.

Feb 1980

Rev Noel Park begins as Director/Managing Director.

Jul 1980

The Material Aid Service (now called Emergency Relief) is established.

Aug 1980

The Counselling Centre is relocated to 161 Hume Street, Toowoomba.


The Dalby and Warwick Sub-Committees are established to help fund the first landline to Toowoomba in June 1982.

May 1983

Lifeline’s current logo is approved by the National Lifeline Board of Australia.


The Distribution Centre relocates to 2-6 Hodgson Street.


Lifeline Farmline is established to help farmers cope with high interest rates.


Relocation of the Counselling Centre to 127 Russell Street in 1988.


The Dalby Office is opened.

Jun 1993

The Break-Even Program is established.

Jul 1993

Telstra introduces the National Number 13 11 14.

Dec 1993

The Counselling Centre relocates to 5 Mill Street.


Rural Family Counselling Service established.

18 Sep 1996

The Company is registered.


Warwick Counselling Rooms and Shop established.


St George Counselling Rooms and Shop established.

Oct 1998

The Distribution Centre relocates to 192A Stephen Street.

Jul 1999

Charleville Office is established.

Nov 1999

Office at 1 Taylor Street, Toowoomba is established.

May 2000

Derek Tuffield appointed General Manager.

4 Aug 2001

Dalby Office (1 Patrick Street) is officially opened.

25 Jun 2003

The Lifeline Smart Tip Shop is officially opened.

Feb 2004

Premises at 17 Long Street, Toowoomba are purchased.

20 Jul 2005

Celebration of 30 Years of Service.


National Roll-Out of Greater Access Program by Lifeline Australia Incorporated-13 11 14.

Apr 2010

Office opens at 34 Queen St, Roma.

Jun 2010

Office opens at 24 Stockyard St, Cunnamulla.

20 Jul 2010

Lifeline Darling Downs & South West QLD Ltd celebrates 35 years of service.

30 Aug 2011

Execution of new Memorandum of Understanding III between UnitingCare Community and Lifeline Darling Downs & South West QLD Ltd.

2 Sept 2011

Purchase of 33 Russell Street.

Mid April 2012

Renovations commenced at 192A Stephen Street and 33 Russell Street.

31 Aug 2012

Sale of 5 Mill & 1 Taylor Streets.

5 Sept 2012

Relocation of Head Office to 33 Russell Street.

31 Dec 2012

Official Opening of Head Office, 33 Russell Street.

21 June 2013

Official Opening of Renovations to Distribution Centre, 192A Stephen Street, Toowoomba.

23 Dec 2013

Sale of 17 Long Street, Toowoomba.

26 May 2014

Opening of New Shop in Warwick.

20 July 2015

Celebration of 40 Years of Service.

Oct 2015

First not-for-profit enterprise to be awarded the Heritage Bank Business Excellence Awards – Business of the Year.

Nov 2015

Opening of Herries Street Superstore.

5 Feb 2016

Opening of new Smart Tip Shop, Wellcamp

13 May 2016

Official Opening of the Flexi School Intergenerational Mentoring Hub, Toowoomba.