Our Partners and Supporters

A strong community benefits everyone. Building a strong community refers to the sum of all the strategies, policies and measures that act to strengthen the resilience of people, business and the community. Also to increase their capacities to minimise the impact of negative incidents, while maximising the potential of positive opportunities.

Who we are

Lifeline Darling Downs & South West Queensland Limited (Lifeline Darling Downs) is a leading expert in counselling and support services through the South West Queensland region.

We have a team of highly experienced and qualified professional staff, as well as a proven track record in successfully recruiting, training and retaining volunteers.  Working from this base, the organisation builds community and resilience.  Maximising the community’s capacity is good for everyone – individuals, business and government.

We provide:

Counselling services

Emergency Relief

Specialised Training

Employment Services

We seek partners who will

Take the lead in building community capacity

Plan ahead to protect industry and the community from disasters and economic or psycho-social disruptions while ensuring business continuity and ongoing regional viability

Invest more in human, environmental and financial resources to build the resilience of regional towns and communities

Join Lifeline Darling Downs, Federal and State Government departments and leading regional bodies assist individuals and develop the community through core business arrangements, philanthropy and corporate social responsibility.

For further information on how we can work together please call Derek Tuffield, Chief Executive Officer on 1300 991 443. 

With sincere thanks to our current Partners and Supporters:

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