Denise Quinn joined the Board in April 2020.  She is a former Chief Operating Officer Corporate Services with Lifeline Darling Downs and South West Qld Ltd and continued to volunteer within Corporate Services for several months after she left in December 2017.

With a strong belief in life-long learning, she holds Bachelor, Masters qualifications and professional development in the areas of Education, Leadership, Management, Quality Auditing, Governance and Risk Management.

Denise has contributed significantly to the community and business sectors across the Darling Downs region for over 20 years through business development, risk management, personal development and resilience training for women in rural areas.  She served for eight years on the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce Board and various committees.

She is also a self-confessed foodie and recently completed a Certificate in Nutrition to further develop her passion for exploring all things ‘food, health and healing’.