Lifeline Darling Downs and South West Qld Ltd
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Learn about Our People

Lifeline’s team is a rich and diverse mix of people from across the region.  We employ over 160 paid staff and approximately 400 dedicated volunteers.   Our programs employ staff with qualifications and experience in many professional areas.   We have volunteers of all ages and backgrounds, from Interns who are students TAFE and Universities to long-serving retail volunteers.   Our Executive Management Team are community leaders in every sense.    The Board of Directors brings together a committed group of expert volunteers who provide strategic direction and governance to this large and complex organisation.    Whatever their role, our people have the Lifeline values in common.    When you meet them, you’ll quickly tell how much they care about their work and their community.

Our Staff

Our team members have varied roles, all of which combine to support our vital and ever evolving community services.  Our Business Division generates much needed income to support of community work. It includes staff working in retail, warehousing and recycling (Smart Tip Shop).  Our Corporate Services team members act as a support and hub between our Divisions, enabling great client service. Roles include administration, WH&S, ICT & HR. Human Services is very much the face of our community operations and includes: social workers, psychologists, case managers, financial counsellors, emergency relief workers and so on.  With a large diversity of staff and career paths our vibrant team tends to reflect the wider communities in which we live and work. 

Our EMT Team

The Executive Management Team provides operational and strategic governance from the agency at the direction of the Board. They seek to align and embed the values of the company across a range of intersecting operational frameworks – Human Services, Business, Corporate Services and Finances. Currently the EMT is comprised of four members each with different roles and responsibilities. Derek Tuffield is the Chief Executive officer. Derek line manages Rodney Watton (Chief Operating Officer Partnerships and Business Development), Denise Quinn (Chief Operating Officer Corporate Services) and Jenny Hohn (Chief Financial Officer).

Our Volunteers

Everyday all around Darling Downs and South West Queensland, our volunteers make a difference to their fellow citizens as well as enriching their own lives.

We currently have over 400 volunteers supporting fundraising efforts, working in our retail shops and Distribution Centre, in Emergency Relief when called on, and in other various roles. Our volunteers have enabled us to provide essential services to the district for over 30 years.

Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and age groups, and are all valued members of the Lifeline Darling Downs and South West Queensland community.

As a volunteer with us there are opportunities for –

  • Personal and Professional Growth
  • Giving back to the community you live in
  • Learning new skills
  • Making new friends and meeting new people
  • Volunteering locally in your community can have an impact locally and nationally.

By volunteering with us you really are making a difference. For more information about how to volunteer, please click here.

Our Board of Directors

Effective and transparent service delivery requires effective and transparent governance. Lifeline’s Board of Directors provides strategic and corporate governance to the agency. The company, Lifeline Darling Downs & South West Queensland Ltd, was established on 18 September 1996. Being a company limited by guarantee, the Board of Directors was duly appointed with a maximum of Board Directors set at fifteen. The Constitution for the Board of Directors was reviewed in 2012 and currently we meet eleven times per year and hold a minimum of two Board Development Days each year. The Board operates under a Board Charter and its Directors are aligned to a Board Matrix. The Chair of the Board can only serve a four year term in this role and the Board Directors, a maximum term of ten consecutive years. 

Meet our board.

Hear from some of Our People

Five Minutes with Denise – Chief Operating Officer & Corporate Services

Five Minutes with Elsie – Family Intervention Service Team